e-business management

Oil and gas companies make money based on their ability to utilize technologies to discover, produce, and sell oil and gas in an optimal manner. CES develops technologies for improvement of the manufacturing process through e-business management. These web-based tools link the appropriateness of the various products for sale by oil service companies with the specific needs of oil company customers to solve oil field problems relevant to timely business performance.

CES builds product suitability matrices for reservoir characterization, drilling, producing, and above/below ground integration, that select appropriate services and products based on their suitability to boost specific performance attributes that produce cash and/or grow reserves. Only products that are suitable to specific customer problem attributes are selected for purchase.

CES sells 4 sets of integrated products and services that are interconnected through our enterprise wide and deep methodology.  In all four business lines, 1) CES builds e-software for creating efficient business processes, 2) CES also designs and coordinates the human and software facilitation required to bring about successful transition to modern technological and business practices in the marketplace.  We analyze the clients organization, identify "gaps and bottlenecks" in the enterprise processes associated with planning, appraisal, design, execution, operation, and abandonment of their upstream and/or downstream operations, and jointly derive improved business models.  We then facilitate successful execution of those plans, and 3) CES looks for roll-up companies and alliances that have complementary markets that are strategic to CES's enterprise-wide, enterprise-deep portfolio.  The four successful product lines developed by the founders of CES are as follows:


e-logistics e-portfolio e-suitability e-reservoir