The NewCo:  elogistics.com, a new service company, will provide consulting services, technical suitability software, and change management methodologies to improve the efficiency of oil and gas logistics operations and management.  The scope of the mission is enterprise-wide, covering all upstream and downstream activities and enterprise-deep, bringing emense core competency in each aspect of logistics management in the energy industry.  The core product of the new company is a worldwide, internet/intranet based e-management software system for logistics management that focuses on optimization of the "manufacturing process" involved in the oil and gas business, from upstream exploration and production activities to downstream supply chain management. This model is in a very early stage of implementation in the oil industry, making it difficult for the industry to efficiently manage assets along the production and supply chains for optimal performance.  The goal is to improve the "system of oil manufacture" by selling new technologies and techniques to address system bottlenecks and redundancies, with a principal focus on advanced information and communication technologies worldwide. We believe that the application of e-commerce tools and methodologies will dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with acquisition activities in the industry.

 Near-Term Implementation

Upstream Tubulars:  Capture and integrate all information required to optimize tubular performance worldwide for major oil 
companies, from drilling to pipleines.  We will design and develop e-based decision support tools to improve operational efficiency, asset management, and inventory control.  We will integrate this knowledge-base into a streamlined manufacturing process. 

Downstream Supply Chain Optimization:  Capture logistics management, real-time DSS scenario planning/modeling, change management, and process re-engineering to improve business performance.


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