Roger Anderson, CES President, and Albert Boulanger, Chief Knowledge Officer, are currently at Columbia University in the City of New York.   Roger Anderson received his Ph.D.  from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and is the Managing Director of the Energy Research Center at Columbia.   Albert Boulanger is an information scientist and worked for 10 years at GTE/BBN Internetworking Systems prior to coming to Lamont. Oil and Gas fields they have worked within the last 5 years include: Bayou Sale, Horseshoe Bend, and Paradise Island, in Louisiana, ST295, EI 330/331/329, HI A356, GC6, V39, Mars and Joliet in the Gulf of Mexico, Statfjord, Fulmar, Gullfaks, Oseberg, Tern, and Ninian in the North Sea, and the Campos Basin off Brazil for PetroBras.  8 patents have been applied for (with 6 granted so far) to cover 4D and associated geopressure detection, downhole monitoring, and thermal technologies invented by their 4D Group (http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/4d4).  Roger and Albert have built business, computation, and networking alliances with "far-field" suppliers such as IBM, GTE/BBN, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies and Bell Aerospace. During the cold war, Roger and Albert worked on several Pentagon projects to mine surface and subsurface images.  Roger serves on the Board-of-Directors of Bell Geospace, Inc, a spin-off  of Bell Aerospace.  He holds secret status security clearance from the  Department of Defense.

Stephen Joseph deals in the "soft side" of human engineering.   Steve was an Organizational Leadership Consultant with the Covey Leadership Center (now Franklin Covey Co), which was founded by Stephen R. Covey, the author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." Additionally, he has seven years of organizational and leadership development experience with Covey clients.  Steve was a member of the three-person team that developed and implemented Covey’s consulting methodology.  The methodology is a whole system, whole organization approach to operational development, redesign, and change.  Roice and Steve have led consulting efforts in large-scale organizational change for oil industry companies, including a large Mobil refinery, a medium size oil services company, two hospital systems, and a national construction firm.  Prior experiences include business brokering, commercial real estate sales and mortgage funding, several entrepreneurial ventures.

Roice Nelson serves on the CES Board-of-Directors.  Roice is Chief Visualization Officer for his Continuum Resources Corporation.  Continuum was formed by the merger of the Energy Innovations Group and Walden Visualization Systems.  Roice has more than twenty years experience in both entrepreneurial and technical roles in the oil and gas industry, as an explorer and founder of extremely successful new companies.  Roice was the Initial founder/employee of Landmark Graphics Corporation,  Roice designed Landmark's first interactive interpretation user interface and functionality, specifying software enhancements, new product requirements, and setting strategic direction. He procured sales and joint marketing agreements and created markets for Landmark in Australia, Canada, China (he has made 22 sales trips to Beijing), Europe including Hungary, India, Latin America, and the domestic United States.  Most of Roice's oil company and Landmark experience was related to interpretation, and included projects in a wide variety of basins and geologic environments all across the globe: including Alaska, Andaman Sea, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, California, China, Colorado, Gulf of Mexico, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, Louisiana, Montana, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Senegal, South China Sea, Texas, Turkey, Uruguay, Wyoming.  After Landmark and before Continuum, Roice was the founder/Chairman-of-the-Board of HyperMedia Corporation, which had $2 million in revenues over the life of the company.  When founded in January 1991, the company was positioned and had the hypermedia technology to become a challenger to Netscape Communications, but was too early to market (before Mosaic, let alone Netscape and Explorer). In any event, significant knowledge was gained in information technologies from customers like Saudi Aramco, Fletcher Challenge Petroleum, the Global Basins Research Network, Mobil Oil, and Unocal. Roice has been a lifelong entrepreneur and his website contains much of further interest (http://www.walden3d.com).


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