Low oil and gas prices are driving significant structural changes throughout the oil and gas industry.   Times of rapid change offer a window of opportunity for CES to offer significant improvements in business performance.   It is our experience that tight integration of technology into business planning is the critical success factor that will enable clients to gain ground on or stay ahead of their international competitors.  By introducing the best practices of Enterprise-Wide and Enterprise-Deep technology integration,  CES provides both the mechanisms and facilitation necessary to present clients with state-of-the-art capabilities for integration of advanced business technologies into new corporate structures, whether internal or external. 

Enterprise-Wide means enabling the linkage of technologies across project life cycles from conception of the idea, to discovery and appraisal, to development and operation of the asset.  Companies who manage these linkages will deliver superior returns.

Enterprise-Deep means the simultaneous coordination of work-, information-, knowledge- and decision-flow between the wide variety of technical disciplines required to make every project team successful.  This cooperation combined with coordination between the teams, decision-makers, and other stakeholders in projects delivers superior returns.

Layered onto this systems integration business model is a spin-out strategy that creates New Companies (Newco's) specific to each Strategic Partner's particular business plan.  CES will deliver carefully integrated designs and coordination of the formation of Newcos containing both specific external technologies that the Strategic Partner requires, together with the human facilitation required to bring these Newco's into normal, day-to day collaboration with the Strategic Partners organization.

Case Studies